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I have always been a writer. In the sixth grade, I penned my first query letter on loose leaf paper with the help of a template in, The Writer’s Marketplace. After writing it carefully in cursive with a number two pencil, I submitted the letter with an environmental poem in the style of Dr. Suess to an address in the Sunday comics.


I even included my school photo.


Since then, I’ve had lots of other fun writing experiences, like seeing my poem ride on buses in northern Virginia, placing second in the Arlington Public Library Short Story Contest and journeying with various misfit characters through funny middle grade stories. 


I've also been an art teacher, weaving a teetering pile of art supplies on a cart through the halls of a Cleveland school. Currently, I work as a children’s librarian in Northern Virginia, where I am surrounded by stories all day and create programs like poetry carnivals, origami & science and a haiku egg hunt. I’ve also been a cafeteria lady, a bridal dress consultant, an art museum educator and a coffee barista. I once got to dress up as a Picasso painting to represent the Cleveland Art Museum at a street festival-- and had trouble figuring how to get out of the costume afterwards.

I am a proud SCBWI member and have served as the Consultation Co-Chair for the Midatlantic Fall Conference for several years. In any spare time left, I spend with my husband and daughter holding dance parties in our kitchen or snuggled up reading stories together.

Up on mic as a featured reader.


My family and me at an Art Attack at the community center.

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